DSC04534Every local congregation is only one generation away from a leadership crisis and collapse. So a steady, cyclical process of developing new leaders is needed. In past eras, local churches could rely on leaders remaining in post for decades, but with the migration of people for work and general mobility due to globalisation, the development of new leaders needs to be a constant agenda item for elders.

2 Timothy 2:2 suggests a four generational approach, where current elders (1) are preparing to hand on responsibilities to leaders (2) who themselves are already identifying those (3) who they believe can be entrusted with continuing the process in that future generation (4).

A quick leadership self check:-

  • How much longer do you feel you should continue in your present role?
  • Who are you nurturing to take on your role?
  • Who are they identifying as people they can begin training to grow alongside them and replace them?

The following articles and papers were written to address some of the above matters:-

Developing Spirit-filled and thinking leaders, https://www.partnershipuk.org/php/view_persp.php?docid=12

Check out these leadership development schemes and materials:-