‘Enable’ is a growing collaboration between some mission groups and church leaders who are passionate about training in and for independent evangelical churches. We are seeking to work together to tackle the challenges we may face as autonomous local churches to effectively equip new generations of key workers for ongoing church growth.

As “Enable Training” we aim to:

  • Network church leaders and others with a passion for training
  • Improve access to existing training
  • Provide training hubs for those who want to deliver training in local churches.
  • Shape training to meet the specific needs of the type of churches Enable serves.

Enable is run by a Task Group and is supported by key partners including Church Growth Trust, Counties, Echoes International, GLO (as well as Partnership in its inception) and key church leaders from various regions across the UK.
Historically speaking this training network has developed within the spectrum of churches sometimes known as Christian Brethren or Open Brethren churches, but our resources are shaped to serve any local church seeking to develop its own leadership and people for ministry in local contexts. Check out Origins for more info.