While there is a very real sense that every believer is a servant of God, a priest and a missionary, for some of us a very distinct sense of God’s calling comes to disturb and change our life’s direction. It is very personal but also communal, because spiritual gifts are essentially given to the Body of Christ so that it can grow in size and expand in scope. This page is a gateway to explore how you can move from the point of sensing God’s calling on your life to being adequately prepared to serve Him effectively as part of His church.

Use the “Decision Tree” to see some training pathways relevant to different areas of gifting and calling. The right hand menu can help you think through key issues. And remember at any time if you would like to talk things over then use the contact form.

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How do I recognise God’s call?

tilsley-logoStepping Out – a development pathway for church workers

This is a new initiative to support existing or potential church workers through a 2 year training programme, managed by Tilsley College (GLO).  For full details read or download the brochure.  Successful completion means not only an accredited diploma but significant mentored experience in Christian ministry.  Contact us to discuss further.

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