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What is now known as Tilsley College developed in the 1970s and 1980s as the systematic training aspect of GLO Europe. By the 1990s, this training had established itself as a one-year ‘Training for service’ course. This prepares people for life-time involvement in God’s work, whether in overseas mission or within the UK.

Currently, Tilsley College (GLO) offers the following training options:

  • Training for Service: a college-based, one-year course with plenty of challenging in-depth studies in the Scriptures. It is accredited as a Certificate in Higher Education in Biblical Studies and Christian ministry.
  • Stepping Out: one-year apprenticeship in Christian ministry, church-based and with short periods of study at the college. Training for Service and Stepping Out taken together confer a Diploma in Higher Education.
  • Joshua Project: Part-time evening or weekend studies that can be run locally so as to be accessible to those who are busy in church and family life.
  • Learning to Lead: Short course available on CD and in book form that can be delivered locally by suitably-experienced teachers.
  • Cooperative Training: a 10-day Missions Orientation Programme developed with Echoes of Service, the FirstServe gap-year programme (see below for more details), and training initiatives across UK under the umbrella of the National Training Network.

Tilsley College remains part of the work of GLO.Print
We believe that Tilsley College has a unique contribution to make in the spectrum of theological education in the UK. Their Certificate and Diploma in Higher Education in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry offer a breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience which makes them an excellent preparation for further theological training, a valuable bridge into full time Christian ministry and a key foundation for lifelong serving God whatever career path or life circumstances you may go through.

Check the website for more details or by contacting us.

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