learningtoleadLearning to Lead provides an opportunity to grow local church leadership capacity.  It can help you develop, whether as a current or potential ministry team member, elder, deacon, house group leader, youth, children’s or outreach worker.

The Learning to Lead has been developed

Leadership principles

To learn leadership principles outlined in the Bible.


To highlight the significant role that mentoring can play in the spiritual development of individuals and churches.

Leadership Styles

To help you identify your own leadership styles and use them effectively in the service of God.

Developing Gifts

To help you develop your leadership gifts so that God is honoured and the local church grows.

Having undergone several revisions, including the availability of a book and CD-Rom versions, the course now takes advantage of the benefits of online delivery. The mix of recorded and live web content with both local and online discussion groups is suitable for both individual and small group use.

Use the Course Finder map to see if there is a Learning to Lead programme running near you, check the website for Online course dates (www.tltinternet.com) or apply by contacting us.

Current list of Learning to Lead courses

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