If you see serving a local church as being part of your future, then clearly it will be subject to either your own local church recognising this and calling you to serve them in this way, or through conversations with another church who sense God’s calling on your life to serve with them. Check out the link to Who should I talk to?

Apart from submitting yourself to a collective act of discerning God’s will, there is also the matter of suitable training and preparation for you to explore. We have a apprenticeship style training scheme called “Stepping Out” which is specifically designed as a pathway to serving God in local churches whether in a pastoral, preaching, community work or any other outreach role.

Sometimes it is possible to work alongside a church or group of churches, especially if your gift is focussed on outreach, evangelism and community work. Counties is one of our Partners in this training network, and they have many Evangelists who serve alongside churches in this way – check some of them out on the Counties website.