The issues are so complex and life changing that it would be important to meet up with experienced trainers and supporters experienced in overseas mission. Here are some key contacts for overseas mission in this training network, and below there are also some key checklists to get you started in thinking through the process

  • GLO – Europe – mission team working in evangelism and church plating across Europe
  • Echoes long Term opportunities
  • Interlinkwith a specific remit of helping missionaries called from churches in Scotland
  • Brass Tacksusing building, technical and engineering skills in mission

Here is a checklist of issues and question that you personally along with your local church leaders and mentor should work through:-

  1. Validating the call – Acts 13:1-14 demonstrates that when the Holy Spirit calls people he communicates this to their church as well.
    • Allow your sense of calling to be explored and examined by Christians you trust and respect, and never assume you have heard God exactly right the first time round (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22)
    • Face the hard questions and spend the time waiting on God. Gaining clarity as to the will of God in the matter now can save heart ache and disappointment down the road
    • You will feel things are going to slowly, your mentors and church leaders will feel you are moving too fast – be prepared to work it out together!
  2. Testing your Character – who you are in Christ will always be more significant than what you do for him.
    • What are the evidences in your life of emotional and personal maturity, spirituality and stability?
    • What is your Christian testimony at home (ask your family) at work (ask your work mates) in society (ask your neighbours) and in the local church?
    • What are your key pints of weakness and what are you doing about them?
  3. Level of Commitment – you can’t be or do elsewhere what you are not already being and doing where you are
    • How are you viewed and what are you doing in the local church, in service for the Lord, personal bible study, preparation and involvement in appropriate ministries?
  4. Gifts and Abilities
    • What are they and how do they match the arena of service you feel called to?
    • What training have you had in these gifting or areas of work? Is it adequate or is further training needed?
    • What is your experience of language learning; cultural adaptation; working in a team or on one’s own?
  5. Wellbeing and Family Circumstances
    • What is your Physical emotional and mental fitness? – consider getting a full and thorough medical check wit a view to the specific environment in which you propose to work.
    • Are you single, engaged married? – what are the implications of a move on the key people to whom you are or will be related. What is the attitude of parents and other family members? If children involved – what about their educational and developmental needs?

A Research Checklist to Understand the country or area of Overseas Ministry

  • Identifying the specific country and possible place of work
  • What are conditions like – are there specific environmental, health or political dangers?
  • How long has the work been established there?
  • Other workers in the area, mission service agencies etc: who is doing this work? what is their role?
  • Is there still a need for expatriate workers?
  • Will new workers receive a welcome from the indigenous church (if one exists)? Are they wanted?
  • What may be the compatibility issues, culturally and doctrinally, with the church and other workers?
  • is it suitable for a single worker or families?
  • Is a short pre-decision visit possible? – this is highly recommended
  • Identify the specific challenges to that particular situation: cross-cultural ministry; relocation to that part of the world, etc.