In terms of specific equipping, the following are the key growth areas; –

  • Familiarity with what the Bible teaches about the human condition and how God brings transformation through the ongoing application of the work of Christ by the Holy Spirit.
  • A working understanding of culture and sub-cultures relevant to the communities you are trying to reach.
  • Application of the Bible to those cultures and mind-sets, exploring different relevant communication bridges for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be clearly understood.
  • Knowledge of and experience in a range of social care ministries that can effectively address identified needs in the communities you are seeking to serve – includes research means and methodologies to be sure you understand your own community.
  • Listening skills, the ability to hear more accurately and deeply the needs and heart of those you are trying to minister to.
  • Mentored experience of providing pastoral care with constructive feedback
  • Developing a character that radiates the love of God that motivates true community work, for love of the people not as targets for preaching.

Some training resources: –


Counties Neighbourhood Chaplain Scheme