Joshua is a combined college and local church initiative to develop key church members in Christian ministry. The focus is on understanding and communicating the Christian faith both in church and in society. It is especially formulated to enable potential leaders in regular employment to access significant Biblical, theological and practical training to enhance their capacity to serve in local churches.

The course has particular relevance for people interested in serving God through a wide range of ministries including preaching, teaching, eldership, pastoral care and outreach work.

Joshua-1All participants will cover the core studies, as these are foundational for serving God effectively in a local church. In addition to the core studies you will need to choose an elective specialist stream from a range of options that will focus on key areas of ministry.

As a combined initiative, the course leaders will include both teaching staff from Tilsley College as well as experienced church leaders from throughout the UK. Teaching takes place in class, whether at Tilsley College or a Joshua Centre, or in a virtual classroom using the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)


Learning to communicate effectively the Bible to contemporary audiences.

Helping you to be more effective in public speaking through the theory and practice of expository preaching

Pastoral Care

Equipping you to more effectively share God’s compassion with others.

Developing skills in providing pastoral care and the basics of giving Biblical counsel.

Use the map below or the Training Search map to see if there is a Joshua programme running near you or apply by contacting us.

Core Studies

Biblical Studies

Enabling you get to grips with the text.

Theological Studies

Introduces you to Christian doctrine.


Offers you a coherent defence of the faith.

Leadership principles

Guide your ministry effectiveness.

Current list of Joshua courses

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