Stepping Out aims at developing and equipping new church workers for the changing spiritual and ministry environment faced by contemporary churches, especially those of a Brethren origin or with similar ethos. It is a part-funded development pathway for church workers and a joint training initiative between Tilsley College-GLO, Partnership and Counties.

This scholarship scheme provides up to 50% of the costs for the first two years of training for Christian ministry, and is a partnership between (a) a new or existing church worker (b) a local church and (c) Tilsley College. The key to the development pathway is the selection by the local church of a suitable candidate on the basis of their character and gifts.  Candidates should have a clear call to Christian ministry but do not need any previous theological training. Candidates with such training may be considered for advance entry.

The full scheme involves two years during which the trainee follows the Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry Diploma in Higher education run by Tilsley College, and an optional additional two years of mentoring and coaching in Christian ministry. The first year is college based but the rest of the training is church-based. Stepping Out embraces the crucial Knowing-Being-Doing ethos of the “Training for Service” course, the contents of which form the first year of the two-year Diploma.

For further details of the scheme check out the full brochure, or by contacting us.