Front-page-singleOne-2-Lead is a personal development and leadership course training programme aimed at 16-30 year olds and those who are young in the faith. The aims of the course are:

  • That we might grow stronger and deeper with God through this programme:
  • That we will discover and develop gifts that God has given us:
  • That we will make new and lifelong friends here,
  • That we will become a lifelong servant of Jesus Christ in our local church – and beyond!

The course is run by three experienced couples who between them have many years of practical experience.

Martin and Rachel Erwin used to live in Hereford where they along with others, planted Challenge Community Church and where Martin served in senior leadership along with an extensive preaching. Recently Martin has taken up the role of CEO helping to lead the work of Counties since June 2016.

Peter and Sandra Brind live in Cardiff. Peter was a high school teacher for 29 years and was also an elder with responsibility for Bible Teaching at Llandaff North Christian Centre. Sandra and Peter work in the Bahamas for about 6 months of the year in a preaching, teaching and training ministry. He preaches regularly in a wide variety of churches in the UK when they are home from the Bahamas.

Phil and Sheila Davies live in Dunvant near Swansea. Phil trained as a Biology teacher and is currently a leader at Dunvant Christian Fellowship and is also a counties evangelist for Swansea. He worked with Operation Mobilisation for 19 years in India, Nepal and the UK, so has wide experience in mission.

When and where does it take place?

The course runs over six weekends in a two yearly cycle. The weekends are in March, September and November. Even though many of the topics covered have some overlap, each weekend is a stand alone weekend which means that if you cannot make one of them, you can always pick up the studies next time round.

We hold the weekends in Woodcroft Christian Centre, near Chepstow, in the Forest of Dean.

We have had over 70 different students who have attended at least one weekend and many of those have graduated from the course to date.

What is included in One2Lead?

1-2-leadThere are four strands to each weekend. They are personal development, the Bible, leadership skills, and practical studies. We always have an outdoor activity such as Laser Combat, Quad Biking, Speed-boating, Caving and Introduction to Scuba.

  1. Personal development includes Knowing Myself, Bible Study, Power of Prayer, Planning and Prioritising, Accountability, Leading by Example; Listening to God
  2. The Bible includes Old Testament, New Testament God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Church
  3. Leadership Skills includes Styles of Leadership, Developing a Team, Teaching Others, Mentoring, Setting Targets and Resolving Conflicts.
  4. Practical Studies includes, Budgeting and Finance, Developing and Running a Programme, Evangelism, Understanding our World and Relationships.

How is it Taught?

Each student gets a course folder and a set of notes for each unit. There is an interactive teaching part for each unit followed by a series of group or personal exercises and activities of different kinds. Each unit will normally take about 112 hours to deliver. The course is stimulating and interactive and students are expected to participate in many different ways.

In addition, we expect that students will serve each other in kitchen and other practical duties throughout the weekend.

As a part of the course we will give you opportunities for practical experience to use what you have learnt with either a GLO team or Show Jesus team.

Each student will receive a graduation certificate at the end of the course.

Continuation Studies (known as Track 2)

Many of our students have enjoyed the course so much that they want to come back and study in a little more detail. In response to this we have started a second set of studies and they are taught by one teacher for the entire weekend.

The course may well change but we have plans to look in more detail at the Big Story of the Bible which will include sections on the Old and New Testament. We will also take time to review the culture we live in and how it impacts our living and evangelism as well as an introductory guide to apologetics which will major on why we believe the Bible is the Word of God.

In addition we will study a book of the Bible in more detail looking both at its content and application.

If you would like more details then email or contacting us. There is also an Open Facebook Group called One-2-Lead.