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Twice a year a group of elders and church leaders from North and South Ireland meet in the Crescent Church Belfast (kindly loaned). The meeting is on a Saturday morning, usually the third Saturday in April and October from around 9am -1pm, with lunch afterwards for those who can stay.  The aim is to encourage one another and to “scratch” where it itches by tackling common issues that we face within our local churches.

Rather than have a top- down approach (which can be very helpful in a variety of contexts) it is a bottom up approach with the “agenda” driven by the participants. A very simple questionnaire is issued at each forum with a section requesting subjects for future consideration.   Some that have been covered to date include: Pastoral Care, Handling Change and Developing the Next Generation.

The format provides good opportunity for personal interaction over coffee, lunch and in any workshop(s). The opportunity to talk informally with fellow elders is valued.

As we learn from one another and the Word of God the desire is that we will think through the issues raised and apply the principles sensitively to our local context and therefore help give direction to our local churches.

LEAD is an acronym that reminds us of the purpose of the forum:

  • Learn from the word of God and each other’s experience.
  • Encourage one another. It is all too easy to become isolated and inward looking.
  • Apply those principles that may be helpful, adapting them as necessary to our own local circumstance.
  • Direction to help us think through issues that might help guide our local churches in challenging times.

Contact: Trevor 02891458718 or use the form on this page.

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