FirstServe invests in young people in order to see them grow in faith and develop a passion for mission here and overseas. The programme, for 18 – 25 year olds, facilitates this through discipleship training and practical experience, in the UK and overseas mission.

FirstServe is more than a gap-year experience but builds on and adds value to the investment a local church has already made in the life of a young person. If you are looking for a quality gap year or for your next step in mission, you are the kind of person who should be considering FirstServe.

The typical programme is as follows:

  • 4 week study course at Tilsley College, Motherwell
  • 4-6 week local church placement in the UK
  • 3-6 month overseas mission experience in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America or the Middle East
  • It includes a self-study discipleship course for a half day each week during both UK and overseas placements

There are options for shorter periods abroad, or for EU citizens to do their placement in UK or to be involved in a BrassTacks programme if you already have some technical skills.

Yasmin did FirstServe back in September 2013, and did a UK placement at Bethany City Church before doing a 3 month placement in India helping with children’s work. Yasmin says,”God has changed my life so much through this experience, it’s been really fun, its been really hard, it’s been crazy, it’s been quiet, it’s been so many different things but it’s been a really great time altogether and God has worked deep inside me. He’s really prepared me for university and the future.”

Alison did FirstServe in February 2013, and spent her overseas placement in Chitokoloki Hospital, Zambia. “On the first day, I was in seeing surgeries and in the maternity ward and children’s ward, it was just incredible to see everything that goes on everyday and how it’s crazy every single day, and to be able to learn how to help out in anyway I could.”

UK church mentor Laura comments, “Having a FirstServer at our church has caused a buzz and motivated the church to pray for young people who are serving the Lord. Our FirstServer has been a role model for our young teens.

FirstServe could be part of what you need to ground your faith in the Word of God, gain an understanding of what God is doing in His world and contribute to the progress of the gospel.

Check the website for more details or by contacting us.