Church Planting Initiative CPI is committed to supporting church planters and church planting all over the UK. It began in 1999 and now exists as a result of the combined efforts of four member organisations, Counties, GLO, the Church Growth Trust and Partnership. We bring people and independent churches together to transform lives and communities through Church Planting Initiatives

The CPI strategy for church planting focuses on people, not buildings. The aim is to network church planters, and provide them with practical and pastoral support. One key dimension involves local or regional hub meetings held every other month.

A Hub meeting is an intense half-day event; it enables church leaders to come together at an in-depth level. Originally these gatherings were designed just for church planters to receive coaching support, but they soon evolved to include key leaders from local churches who believed in church planting and wanted to attend to learn and join in the process. It gives leaders an opportunity to get away from their daily duties long enough to experience support from other leaders and significant learning and decision making about church planting, in a highly relational environment.

Check the map below or on the Training Search map for your nearest CPI hub meeting or CPI’s website for further details.

Current list of CPI Hubs

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