Counties logoCounties

Counties is a network of people and resources who want to see individuals experience ‘life in all its fullness’ through an encounter with the living Jesus Christ. Counties people (Evangelists) work locally – often in a county or alongside a church; several have a national brief. Some work with young people others among the marginalised or in education. Counties also have resources, which include exhibitions, publications and courses, equip individuals and churches to be more effective in their own faith sharing activities.


Partnership is a support network, to encourage and strengthen local churches. It does this through connecting with leaders, providing practical support to churches, producing publications, and organising national and area events. Networking is on a local basis, led by local steering groups, encouraged by part-time regional co-ordinators. In addition to networking, Partnership’s services include informal training in ways accessible to busy church leaders, helping churches to find staff workers, consultancy on church strategy and advice on governance, constitutions and trust matters.

Tilsley College, GLO

Tilsley College is a key part of work of GLO, facilitating training that prepares people for life-time involvement in God’s work, whether in overseas mission or within the UK. Tilsley College has an average yearly intake of 12-15 students which means the staff can maximise input into each student’s life and seek to tailor the college experience to meet the needs of each student. This individually appropriate style of training is taken to another level in diploma course where significant time is spent being church or ministry based working alongside an experienced Christian worker. Tilsley College also facilitates a range of church-based training including Joshua and Learning to Lead.

Church Growth Trust logoChurch Growth Trust

Church Growth Trust helps independent churches grow through:

  • Enabling churches to have high-quality properties for worship and mission
  • Holding properties for churches and offering them professional property advice
  • Providing architectural services
  • Advising on church practice and governance
  • Supporting church planting through the Church Planting Initiative

Church Planting Initiative

The Church Planting Initiative (CPI) brings people and churches together to transform lives and communities through church planting. CPI is a collaboration between Church Growth Trust, Counties, GLO and Partnership. The mission is to stimulate churches and individuals to plant new independent churches committed to every-member ministry.